TigerOne Card Services

New Student and Parent Information

Online Photo Submission

As a new student to Clemson, you are encouraged to take advantage of the online photo submission option. This unique option is only offered to incoming Freshman,Transfer, and Graduate students. Your photo must be submitted and accepted based on the schedule outlined in your respective orientation booklet.

Perks of submitting a photo online:

  • You can preload TigerStripe funds by calling our office the day before your orientation session.
  • First day pick up.
  • Choose the photo on your TigerOne Card.
  • No waiting in lines to take a photo.
If you are attending orientation on:Online Photo submission is due:
June 15-16 June 10
June 17 (Bridge and Student Veterans) June 12
June 18-19 June 13
June 22-23 June 17
June 24 (Transfer) June 15
June 25-26 June 20
June 29-30 June 24
July 1 (Transfer) June 26
July 7-8 July 2
July 9-10 July 3
July 13-14 July 8
July 15 (Transfer) July 10
July 16-17 July 11

To get your official Clemson University TigerOne Card you will need to bring a valid government issued photo identification (i.e. Driver License, Passport, Military ID) with you for pick up purposes; and you will also need to know your Clemson University USERNAME and password. If you do not know your Clemson username and password, please contact CCIT at 864 656-3494 to obtain this information prior to visiting TigerOne Card Services.

Photo Submission Guidelines

Online Photo Submission

Your TigerOne Card Features

The University is very concerned about the safety of everyone on campus. The current access system was selected based on the ability of the system to accommodate the increasing number of University participants.

Your valid TigerOne Card provides you access to facilities, programs and services offered by the University.

The TigerOne Card is the only card that can do all these things!



TigerStripe Account

You can add TigerStripe funds (up to $500) to your TigerOne Card at any time. It acts as a pre-deposited declining balance account that can be used on campus and off campus at participating TigerStripe Merchant locations. Deposits can be made online via the Online TigerOne Card Office; by phone (864) 656-0763 with a credit card; in our TigerOne Card Services Office; through a Value Transfer Station (VTS) machine using cash only; 1, 5, 10, or 20 bills.


University ID Card

Your TigerOne Card is your official University ID. Many departments use a TigerOne Card as a means to grant access to their information and services; your TigerOne Card is a vital part of campus life. Always remember to carry your TigerOne Card with you at all times and protect your TigerOne Card. It is your key, your checkbook, and your identity. Don't loan it or lose it!


Meal Plans / Dining Halls

Your TigerOne Card also provides you access to your Meal Plan and Paw Points. For more information regarding Meal Plan options or questions regarding Meal Plans or Paw Points, please contact Dining at (864) 656-2295 or visit the Dining Website.



The Library requires the barcode on the back of your TigerOne Card to check out books.


Card Access

Your TigerOne Card may be used to obtain access to various academic buildings, computer labs, or Residence Halls on campus. Your card will, however, only provide access to a building or lab to which you have been specifically authorized. *Residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day seven days a week. Residence hall students have 24-hour card access to their own building.



Your valid TigerOne Card provides you access to most of the facilities, programs and services offered by Campus Recreation. If your fees are paid and you are a student taking 6 hours or more in the fall and/or spring semesters and 3 hours in the summer, you may gain entrance to facilities, register for programs and check out equipment. You may use TigerStripe funds to purchase guest passes, rent a locker or even purchase a drink from one of the vending machines.



Your TigerOne Card allows you access into all Athletic Olympic Sporting events. For full-time students, paying the full-time tuition, you Student Athletic Ticket privilege for Football and Basketball will be on your TigerOne Card.