TigerOne Card Services

Meal Plan Information

Meal plans are stored on a student's TigerOne Card to eliminate the hassle of carrying other cards and cash on campus. First year students are required to have a meal plan for the first two semesters and may only terminate their meal plan for special circumstances. Meal plans begin the first day of move-in weekend and expire after the last meal is served the day of graduation. Meal plans do not cover meals during winter and spring break. 

For more information or questions regarding meal plans, please contact Dining Services 864 656-2295.

Meal Plan Drop/Change Dates for Summer 2013 through Spring 2014:

Summer 2013: There are no drops/changes made to meal plans purchased in the summer

Fall 2013: September 2-6

Spring 2014: January 20-24

To drop or change your meal plan you will have to come into the TigerOne Card Services Office with your TigerOne Card during the hours of operation. There is a $40 fee for dropping or changing any meal plan. To see a full list of qualifications for dropping or changing a meal plan, please visit Dining Services website at clemson.edu/dining.

Paw Points:

Paw Points are pre-paid dining dollars that allow you to make purchases at all on-campus dining locations only. Your TigerOne Card is the tool you will use to utilize your Paw Points. Paw Points come with any plus meal plans that are sold through Dining Services, but you may also buy additional optional Paw Points.  Paw Points cannot be added through the Online TigerOne Card Office; however, you will have the ability to view your Paw Points balance and spending activity. For more information or questions regarding Paw Points, please call Dining Services at 864 656-2295.