TigerOne Card Services

On-Campus Merchant

The TigerOne Card is used in a variety of ways from eating at a campus dining location to accessing campus facilities to easily purchasing items at one of our 35 plus off-campus TigerStripe Merchant locations. All of this is done without the hassle of carrying cash. With TigerStripe funds, cardholders are able to make purchases with their TigerOne Card at any participating TigerStripe Merchant location.

Interested in taking TigerStripe at an on-campus location? For information regarding the acceptance of TigerStripe, please contact TigerOne Card Services at 864 656-0763 during our normal business hours or email us at tigerone-card@lists.clemson.edu.

Would you like to be a part of our Valued TigerStripe Merchant program? Any location on campus accepting TigerStripe can contact TigerOne Card Services to sign up to offer cardholders any promotion or discount for use of TigerStripe.  Just let us know and we will do the marketing for you!

For a list of participating On-Campus TigerStripe Merchants, click here.