TigerOne Card Services

Employee Options

You can now sign up for TigerStripe Payroll deduction when you go through the CU-HR Onboarding process as a new employee or when you visit the TigerOne Card Services Office. Once the TigerStripe Payroll Deduction form is completed, you will be ready for funds to be automatically deposited in to your TigerStripe account via your semi monthly paycheck.

Payroll deduction must be at least $5.00 per pay period, in whole dollar increments and have no maximum. To change or stop a deduction, you must fill out a new form with the updated information and turn in to the TigerOne Card Services office. A refund of an account balance will be issued upon closing the account.

For questions regarding TigerStripe, email tigerone-card@lists.clemson.edu or call 864 656-0763.