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Important Notice from State Fleet Management

University Departments that have already received this notice from State Fleet and have sent them the required information needed may disregard this message. Please understand that all User ID’s for the State Fleet Fuel Cards will be deactivated when the changes described below go into effect.

The SC Statewide Fuel Management System has entered into a new contract effective July 21, 2009. As you may know efforts to implement this new contract are underway. I would like to bring to your attention two areas being affected by this new contract.

  1. New fuel card color from red to blue.

    This change will allow everyone to easily identify the new cards from the old. (Fuel Card Administrators are reminded to review your agency active card listings and update all appropriate information prior to new cards being printed.

  2. New randomly generated PIN #s (personal identification number) to authorize fuel purchases.

    This change offers increased security to the system, as well as providing unique driver authorization codes. This change will eliminate using any portion of the driver's social security no., eliminate generic PIN #s being used, promotes accountability for fuel purchases and minimize fraudulent transactions.

It is imperative that the instructions below are followed; Please read and comply!!!

Fuel Card Administrator (FCA):

Each employee currently using the Wright Express (WEX Fuel Card|) and participating in the SC Statewide Fuel System Program will be issued a new random generated Personal Identification Number (PIN#). State Fleet Management and Mansfield Oil Company therefore will need your immediate attention to compile an active driver list of all your current employees authorized to drive a state vehicle. Please complete the attached template as it pertains to your agency or organization. I encourage you to begin compiling the requested information and respond as soon as possible. All lists are required to be sent to (FUELCARD@GS.SC.GOV) and received no later than September 8, 2009. If you have any questions or concerns please email them to: FUELCARD@GS.SC.GOV.

 Please note that you may also send the attachment to Shelly Hall at

Fuel for State-owned Vehicles

The university motor pool will remain open to fuel state vehicles and to provide facilities for departments to wash and vacuum their official cars and trucks.

Fueling Rental Cars

You must be entered into the system prior to picking up the card at Transporation Services.

Clemson now has fuel cards for external gas stations. Contact Susan Hall at (864) 656-0642 or by email at 

Vehicle Acquisition, Tags, Titles & Quarterly Reporting

To order a vehicle see the Procurment Vehicle Contracts page.
In addition to Procurement requirements, requests to purchase a vehicle or trailer should be forwarded to Susan Hall at

Also quarterly mileage reports for all Clemson-owned vehicles should be sent to