Diversity Education


GOODTalk seeks to bring together staff members in the Division of Student Affairs and University Faculty to engage around topics which influence our communities and are relevant to understanding and facilitating dialogue. This ten week experience will offer an opportunity for personal reflection and growth, conversations across and about difference, and the development of a social justice knowledge base that will assist in facilitating dialogue with Clemson students.

Topics participants can expect to explore include, but are not limited to: ability status, gender expression, national origin, race, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status of origin.

As a result of participating in GOODTalk, you will be able to...

  • develop efficacy in facilitating dialogue.
  • observe and analyze the experiences of others different from yourself.
  • observe and analyze the systems that affect the experiences of others.
  • effectively communicate with people different from yourself.
  • recognize your personal beliefs and values.
  • understand how your personal beliefs and values impact others.
  • critically analyze your roles and responsibilities within Student Affairs as they relate to diverse groups.
  • effectively define social justice concepts

We are now offering GOODTalk 2.0!

GOODTalk 2.0 is a follow-up experience to the traditional GOODTalk program. It is a 10-week intensive dialogue focused specifically on one social identity topic from diverse perspectives. In addition to deepening the learning associated with the outcomes of GOODTalk, this follow-up experience allows participants to further study the intersectionality of your social identities.

Who can participate?: This experience is open to all of our graduates of the GOODTalk program and meets weekly for 2 hours.

What are the topics?: Depending upon interest, we will offer a session on either Gender & Sexuality, Religion & Spirituality or Race & Ethnicity.


If you are a Graduate Assistant, Staff Member or Faculty Partner with the Division of Student Affairs, and would like to enroll in GOODTalk, please complete the form below: https://stuaff.clemson.edu/forms/index.php?code=qbTs7kG5Bi4YL4A 

If you are a graduate of our GOODTalk program and are interested in participating in GOODTalk 2.0 please complete the form below: