Diversity Education

Intergroup Dialogues

Intergroup Dialogues

Intergroup Dialogues are 3-credit courses carefully structured to explore social group identity, conflict, community, and justice. Students will engage in the analysis and understanding of issues of diversity and justice, as well as build practical skills to communicate across difference. Skills acquired through our course have multidisciplinary applications and are applicable in diverse work places and among diverse populations.

Our Spring 2015 dialogues involve identity groups defined by race & ethnicity, religion & spirituality, or gender & sexuality. Each identity group is represented in the dialogue by a balanced number of student participants from each group. Trained student facilitators, one from each represented identity group, coordinate a number of activities and orchestrate a diverse curriculum in an effort to encourage dialogue rather than debate.

Students examine and discuss reading materials that address issues and experiences relevant to the groups in the dialogue, in relation to both the University setting and general society. Facilitators and participants explore similarities and differences among and across groups, and strive toward building a multicultural and democratic community.

Available Dialogues for the Spring 2015 Semester include:

  • EDC 3900: Race & Ethnicity, Religion & Spirituality, or Gender & Sexuality Identity

Why must I apply?

Intergroup Dialogue is enhanced by diverse voices; accordingly we encourage the inclusion of multiple identities and perspectives.  For example, a dialogue on Race & Ethnicity is typically comprised of distinct identity group including students of color, white students, and multi-racial students who also bring unique experiences regarding social class, religion, nationality, ability, and other ideologies.  A dialogue on Race and Ethnicity Identity is typically comprised of students with various identities around race and ethnicity and who also endorse a wide range of other identities and positions. 

It is not our intention to suggest that members of the same identity group share the same perspective; rather it is our aim to encourage communication across a rich variety of differences while sharing some broad group memberships to enhances learning and dialogue. The placement form below helps us construct inclusive courses.

Is there an application deadline?

Students who submit an application by December 5, 2014 will be notified of their status by December 12, 2014. While course slots are limited, we will attempt to place as many students as possible. All are encouraged to apply.

Please note: Registration may continue as students finalize their schedules.  We will review applications through December 2014.

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For Questions & Additional Information, please contact Rebecca Morgan at rmorga2@clemson.edu.