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Peer Dialogue Facilitators

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Peer Dialogue Facilitators [PDFs] are a team of undergraduate students whose primary role is to enhance campus climate through programs which improve understanding, tolerance and communication among students at Clemson University. PDFs facilitate dialogue for the Clemson student body in an effort to develop essential communication and leadership skills, which are critical for living and working in diverse and inclusive communities.

Peer Dialogue Facilitator's foster mutual understanding, compassion, awareness, and meaningful relationships among students from different social identities.

Creative Inquiry

In addition to the PDFs service as facilitators of intergroup dialogue, faculty, staff and graduate students will partner with the PDF team to engage in a 3 semester Creative Inquiry.  

This HEHD Creative Inquiry (CI) will provide undergraduates a unique opportunity to engage with faculty, staff and graduate students as practitioners and scholars. In addition to the facilitation of intergroup dialogue, undergraduates serving as Peer Dialogue Facilitators will have the opportunity to compile, analyze, and prepare data for peer-reviewed journals, programs and services, and presentations. Working closely with faculty from the college of HEHD and staff from the Division of Student Affairs, students will learn the research processes and practices of scholarly writing. Additional outcomes include service opportunities in college level teaching, curriculum design, and administrative teams.

Position Description

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of serving as a Peer Dialogue Facilitator, our students will be able to:

  • Design curriculum for one, two-hour dialogues based on a social identity.
  • Implement curriculum for the Community Dialogue program.
  • Articulate how 2-3 of their social identities impact their interactions with others.
  • Examine the effectiveness of dialogue as a communication tool.
  • Discuss concepts of power, privilege and oppression.
  • Engage in the leadership process to create positive social change.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of research processes.


  • Foster a campus environment that promotes mutual respect for all students
  • Facilitate intergroup dialogue through formal programs and informal initiatives
  • Facilitate at least 15 dialogues for incoming first year and transfer students through the Community Dialogue program
  • Mediate conflicts, specifically those which target social identities, and work with students to achieve mutually beneficial resolutions
  • Serve as a liaison to one Residence Hall community, providing training and consultation to the Resident Assistant Staff
  • Address incidents of bias, as defined in a formal Bias Incident Protocol


  • If selected as a Peer Dialogue Facilitator, one must enroll in a 3 semester Creative Inquiry [1 Credit per Semester]
  • A minimum GPR of 2.5 is required [verified through Student Records]
  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student for the Fall 2016 semester
  • Be currently free of any academic or disciplinary probation as set by Student Code of Conduct or the Academic Integrity policy [verified through the Office of Community and Ethical Standards]


  • Gain significant leadership experience
  • Practice and improve upon your intercultural communication and competencies
  • Create strong connections with Clemson University staff, faculty and administration
  • Establish life-long friendships with fellow Dialogue Facilitators
  • Make a lasting impact on all incoming students
  • Get paid a two semester stipend

Meet Our Peer Dialogue Facilitators

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Apply to be a Peer Dialogue Facilitator

Applications for Peer Dialogue Facilitators will be accepted beginning September 7th, 2015. We will be accepting applications from Monday, October 5th. Following this deadline, you will be asked to select an interview time slot during the week of October 19-23. Information to sign up will be sent out in the beginning of October.

Submit a Non-RA Peer Dialogue Facilitator Application here.

A number of our positions are dual appointments, a residential position in which our Peer Dialogue Facilitator also serves as a Resident Assistant in University Housing. Click here to apply as an RA Peer Dialogue Facilitator.