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Greek Week Committee

Those interested in serving on the Greek Week Committee should complete the following Greek Week Committee Application. All applications must be completed by September 23, 2016 at 4pm.

Click HERE to access the Greek Week Committee Application.

The Greek Week Committee will hold the responsibility of creating, planning, and implementing a re-designed Greek Week for Spring 2017. Various sub-committees exist to allow committee members to showcase their particular talents and interests. Each sub-committee will have specific tasks and roles within Greek Week, ultimately connecting their specialized work to the larger group and to the Greek community.


The purpose of Greek Week is to promote unity and provide support across all Fraternities and Sororities through events designed to build community, foster new relationships, and celebrate the spirit of being a member of a Greek-Letter organization.

Who Should Apply

There is no grade point average requirement to apply for the Greek Week Committee; however, your GPA will be fairly considered in the selection process.

We encourage any year classification to apply. Through our selection process, we strive to recruit members who want to be more actively engaged in the community, as well as to provide our first year Greek members opportunities for leadership development.


We will have weekly meetings lasting approximately 1 hour during the fall semester.

In the Spring Semester, we will continue to have weekly meetings; however, meeting frequency and duration may change as needed.

There is a high involvement expectation during the chosen time period of Greek Week in the Spring. As all sub-committees have a role within each day of Greek Week, all members of the Greek Week Committee will be expected to be present during events and allocate time to their specific duties.

Sub-Committees and Respective Responsibilities

Logistics: Responsible for team creation, determining the time and location of events, acquiring space for events, and calculating attendance;

Financial: Responsible for maintaining the Greek Week budget as well as reaching out for sponsorship within the Clemson community;

Philanthropy and Service: Responsible for implementing philanthropy through an event of committee’s choosing, partnering with Anderson Habitat for Humanity to plan and complete a service project;

Public Relations: Responsible for overseeing the Greek Week social media accounts, determining the point distribution for social media participation, publishing the Greek Week information packet, and designing logos, t-shirts, flyers, and graphics for Greek Week;

Activities and Events: Responsible for designing games/events, developing activity regulations, determining point distribution, and providing risk management plans for all activities and events;

Consent to Release Academic and Conduct Information

Clemson University complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect a student’s educational records from unauthorized disclosure. In order to participate as a member of a fraternity or sorority at Clemson, I understand that it may be necessary for Clemson officials to share certain personally identifiable information, including my enrollment status, my grade point averages, and any conduct matters in which I am accused or otherwise involved, and I consent to such disclosure to the following individuals: