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Campus Flyers/Banners Approvals

Only recognized graduate student organizations, university departments, and academic units can hang banners on the Graduate Student Life information board.

Banners and flyers must clearly promote the activity or event publicized and the sponsoring university organization or department as its primary message.

The content of all items for posting must be consistent with the facility use policy along with University standards of good taste and may not jeopardize campus safety.

The approval is left to the discretion of the facility manager and/or his/her designee.

Flyers: It is the responsibility of the group receiving approval to post their own materials on the graduate student life information board. Flyers cannot exceed 11” x 17”. No material should be placed over existing, approved materials. Groups are responsible in making efforts to remove their outdated flyers and posters.

Banners: All banners must be approved by the Office of Graduate Student Life located in the Graduate Student Center-602 University Union. The standard size of a banner can be a maximum of 30” tall x 42” wide. Banners will be posted on a first come, first serve basis and will only be posted for a time period of two weeks.