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Cultural Exchange Community (CEC)

The CEC provides an international living and learning community on campus where International students live with American students in campus apartments. CEC offers students an opportunity to learn about and explore each other's culture in an engaging environment. With special programs and connections to the broader international community on campus, it provides a wealth of opportunities to connect with people from all over the world.

The CEC is located Calhoun Courts on the east campus of Clemson University. These furnished two bedroom apartments house four students who share a bathroom, kitchen and common living area.

Interest for Americans

A community which will enable you to take full advantage of being able to share your American culture and Clemson family community with others. Programming aspects allow you to engage in discussion and interact with other students from different cultures. You will be able to room with Internationals and gain a better understanding of other cultures' traditions.

Interest for Internationals

A community which will provide the opportunity for you to get hands on experience with American culture and the Clemson family. This will enable you to work on your English language skills as well. You will be able to room with Americans as well as other Internationals and learn more about other cultures.

Resident Cultural Assistant

In addition to the Residential Assistants, the Resident Cultural Assistant (RCA) assists with the development of the Cultural Exchange Community (CEC). The duties of RCA will include living in the community, interacting effectively with the resident students, and coordinating with the Resident Director and the Resident Assistants for Calhoun Courts to promote cultural diversity, intellectual exchange and artistic expression. The CEC is a learning community with the goal of all involved is to create and support interactions among the residents to learn about each other's culture and to build a creative and unique living and learning community.


Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in a number of programs designed specifically for and by the residents and leaders in the CEC. Programs might include cultural nights, films, sporting activities and a variety of other activities to meet the needs and desires of the residents.

A Cross-Cultural Orientation is provided to residents at the beginning of each semester as a way to meet possible new residents as well as learn more about cultural differences in a safe, comfortable environment.

The CEC encourages residents to be active members of their community by coordinating their own cultural programs with other residents. Past events included Belgium Night, Japanese Sushi Night, "Aussie's are In" Night.

The Apartments


Please contact Darlene Mahaffey,, 864-656-4663 if you are interested in applying.


For Cultural Exchange Community questions, contact Carolina Perticari,, 864-656-3101

For International Exchange questions, contact Meredith Wilson,, 864-656-0579

For Housing related questions, contact Darlene Mahaffey,, 864-656-4663

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