Leadership Education


LeaderShape® is the ultimate leadership experience providing an intensive week of personal reflection, skill building, networking and challenge. Each May we take 50 – 60 students to the mountains of North Carolina for this amazing experience at no charge to the students. Join us for a week you will never forget! LeaderShape® exists to inspire, develop, and support more people committed to lead with integrity.

The LeaderShape® Institute

The LeaderShape® Institute, now in its twenty-third year, has made a difference in the lives of more than 27,000 young men and women.  Each session is comprised of approximately 60 participants sponsored by various organizations representing diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. This year will be the sixth year that Clemson has hosted the LeaderShape® Institute. Through the LeaderShape® experience students have created and implemented visions that have impacted the Clemson community.

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  • LeaderShape®, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization committed to developing young adults to lead with integrity™.
  • Any Clemson student may apply to attend LeaderShape® .
  • Our next LeaderShape® will be May 4-9, 2015.
  • Be sure to apply before Friday, March 13, 2015!

What are Clemson students saying about their LeaderShape experience?

“In one week I made strong bonds with others, found a clear focus, and will now be a leader with passion, concern, and most of all, integrity.”

"[At LeaderShape] I learned a lot about myself that I had never realized before, and I learned that if I want to fix a problem that I see in my community, I can do that, and I learned how to get it done."

"LeaderShape was such an amazing experience and I met so many amazing people!"

"I would definitely recommend LeaderShape to others because it was a great way to meet new people and make connections for the future, and it would impact their lives."

"[LeaderShape] allows you to stand back and examine yourself as a leader and helps you to improve."

"[LeaderShape] is a wonderful experience and by learning about yourself, you become a better person and leader."

"My core values were strengthened to the point where I would feel a lot more comfortable in a leadership position, all while establishing strong and meaningful relationships with other Clemson students."

"LeaderShape is an experience that everyone should have. The friendships, the family, and the life-long lessons I have learned should be shared with everyone."