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Frequently Asked Questions

The court accepts payments in person or by mail in the form of cash, check or money order. We accept debit or credit cards online at clemsonuniversitycourtpayments.com.

For more information, check our "Pay a Ticket" page.

Yes. Phone or online payments are now available. Please call 864-986-3050 to make a payment over the phone or visit clemsonuniversitycourtpayments.com for online payments.

The court office is located on campus at G01-C Edgar Brown Union.

Reductions on traffic/criminal tickets are at the discretion of the judge/officer within the limits of the law. You will have the opportunity to speak to the officer on your court date before your scheduled court time.

If you wish to, potentially, get this charge removed from your record there are intervention programs that you can apply to and complete, resulting in a dismissed charge and/or expungement.

The court can grant you one continuance, with a valid reason. To request a continuance of your court date, call the Court office at 864-656-5258.

Court dates are always on Wednesdays and at the same time. Thus, court dates will not be continued due to class conflict. There is a feature on blackboard that allows you to notify your professor of a class absence for the reason of court attendance. However, this notification does not grant you an excused absence from class.

On your scheduled court date, report to the Clemson University Police Department at 124 Ravenel Center Place, Seneca, SC 29678.

On your court date, bring with you your fine payment in the form of cash, check or money order. If your ticket involves no driver's license in possession, lack of proof of insurance, etc. be sure to bring the valid proof with you to present to the officer.

You will have the opportunity to speak to your charging/arresting officer prior to entering the court room. If you still wish to have your case heard in a bench trial, you will appear before the Judge. The judge will explain your rights and options to you. If you choose to continue with a bench trial, the Judge will ask you to enter a plea (explained here) and the officer will present his/her case against you. You will have an opportunity to give any testimony that you wish to present. The Judge will review the evidence and make a ruling on your case. If you are found "not guilty" your ticket/warrant will be signed off accordingly and no further action is required on your part. If you are found "guilty" you will be sentenced to a fine or jail time and are expected to make payment immediately. If you are unable to pay a fine and can provide proof to the court of your inability to pay, you may be given a scheduled time payment. More trial procedure details are given here.

You may have been tried in your absence and found guilty. If you were assessed a fine and do not pay immediately, the process of suspending your license will begin. Contact the court immediately. 

You may have been tried in your absence and found guilty. If you were assessed a fine and do not pay immediately, a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest. Contact the court immediately. 

If you are a Clemson student, you may be eligible for a 30-minute consultation with a lawyer. For more information contact the Student Government office at 864-656-2195 or go to their website at http://mycusg.com/