Student Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? All of Clemson's Student Media groups are headquartered on the third floor of the Hendrix Student Center on the west side of the building. During the school year, the Media Suite is open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m.; card access is required after hours.

Who can participate in Student Media? Virtually any student in good academic standing - that is, incoming freshmen and others with grade-point averages of 2.0 or above (2.2 and above for students holding senior staff positions.)

Where can I see what you do? WSBF FM Clemson broadcasts 24/7 at 88.1 on your FM dial and can also be accessed online at Tigervision is broadcast on both Channel 88 of Clemson's on-campus cable system. The Tiger is published on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year, and is available free of charge at locations across campus. Their Web site may be found at The Tiger Town Observer is published monthly, and is also available free of charge at locations across campus. Taps is published every spring, and mailed home in June. Taps' Web site can be found at Finally, The Chroncile is published twice per year, and is available free of charge at locations across campus. You can access their Web site at

How can I order a Taps yearbook? The easiest way is to check the "Taps" box on Clemson University's online tuition form. Otherwise, books may be ordered by contacting Taps directly through our "Contact Us" page, or at

I want to discuss something I read/heard/saw through one of Clemson's Student Media outlets. How should I do that? The easiest path would be to contact the medium's editor/general manager through the e-mail addresses provided on our "Contact Us" page. If you have a complaint with a story or feature you saw, you should first contact the editor/general manager of the group in question directly. In cases where such complaints cannot be resolved at the organizational level, you should then contact Jackie Alexander, Associate Director for Student Media, at

How are Clemson's Student Media groups funded? Five of Clemson's Student Media groups - Taps, WSBF, Tigervision, The Tiger Town Observer and The Chronicle - are funded either in whole or in part through Student Activity Fees allotted to the Media Advisory Board each year through Clemson Undergraduate Student Government's Funding Board. The Tiger is funded through either advertising revenues or support from outside organizations.

What degree of control does Clemson University exercise over Clemson Student Media content? Virtually none. According to the bylaws of the Media Advisory Board: "Members of Student Media shall the right to determine the content of official student media. The University administration does not censor contents of Semantics, Taps, The Tiger or The Tiger Town Observer, or the broadcasts of WSBF and CTV. Students who work with student media determine the content of these media and are wholly responsible for that content. Students are encouraged to follow professional standards of journalism and broadcasting." Though the University does not exercise control over Student Media's content, WSBF is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, and complies with all FCC rules regarding both content and technical specifications.

How are editors, general managers and other senior staffers selected? Each organization has its own constitution and bylaws, and the processes for selecting editors, GMs and other staff members are outlined therein. For more information on those processes, please contact the individual group.