Student Media

About Us

Recording the History of Clemson University

Clemson University boasts six campus media organizations: CTV, Clemson's closed-circuit student television station; WSBF 88.1 FM, Clemson University's 3,000-watt student radio station; The Tiger, Clemson's student newspaper; Taps, Clemson's yearbook; Semantics, Clemson's student literary and variety magazine; and The Tiger Town Observer, Clemson's conservative journal of news and opinion.

All six of these media outlets exist as quintessential “service learning” opportunities for Clemson students. Our goals are:

  • to create, through both training and opportunity, a truly professional media environment, one designed to bring out the very best in our student journalists, artists, communicators, technicians and engineers;  
  • to provide platforms worthy of our students’ hard work – informational, creative and technical;
  • to provide customer service and response superior to that found in comparable private media outlets – for our consumers, for our advertisers and for our underwriters;
  • to be ethical in all matters, and to keep the best interests of the Clemson community foremost in our minds at all times as we work;
  • to be free of bias against any group, and to welcome the participation and viewpoints of all Clemson community members, regardless of their backgrounds; and
  • to be responsible stewards of the university’s resources, and to treat those resources with the same care and respect we would exercise with our own.