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Tools Available

Event Attendance Manager

TigerOne now has a web application available for easily tracking attendance that is free for any university group to use.
Available to students and employees, Event Attendance Manager allows organizations and groups to track event participation such as seminars, orientations, sporting events and other activities held on campus. The administrator of the event has the ability to generate a report which contains the names, check in times and email addresses of the program participants. This is a great reference, should you want to verify attendance of a program, issue a survey or contact students about future events.
Contact our office for more information or to request a tracker.

TigerStripe Acceptance Information

TigerOne can setup a temporary reader to accept TigerStripe. This is usually for a fundraiser or if a department needs an extra reader for a special event. Student groups or departments requesting a reader can do so by contacting the TigerOne Card Office.
Readers are first come, first serve. TigerOne Card Services has a limited number of readers and locations that this service is available. Departments will be assessed a $75.00 programming fee per event and $50.00 per day per reader for equipment rental.