College of Business and Behavioral Science

Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board Members

The Student Advisory Board is composed of juniors and seniors from each academic department within the College of Business and Behavioral Science. Representatives are involved within the college and provide a sounding board for student concerns. The board actively works with the dean and faculty of the college on projects and ways to improve student learning. Other responsibilities include the promotion of the yearly Businessweek Undergraduate Student survey, production of the CBBS Scoop Newsletter and selection of the CBBS Undergraduate Excellence in Teaching Award and CBBS Student Service Award recipients.

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Senior: Morgan McElwee
Junior: David Galloway


Senior: Austin Mall
Junior: Jesse Clay


Senior: Brian Peterson
Junior: Rebecca Ziehm

Graphic Communications

Senior: Lisa Carr
Junior: Vacant


Senior: Torchia Hall
Junior: Kevin Phillips


Senior: Schuyler Easterling
Junior: Lacey Firestone

Political Science

Senior: Vacant
Junior: Wrenne Bartlett


Senior: Erika Fosu
Junior: Trevor Ormson

Sociology and Anthropology

Senior: Misa Welke, Chair
Junior: Lexi Trumble


Renee Hebert, Faculty Advisor

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