College of Business and Behavioral Science

Academic Council (Provost)

The Academic Council reviews and recommends academic policy to the Provost. Such matters may be routed to the President through the Provost by a majority vote. The council receives reports and recommendations from committees and groups reporting to it. The Academic Council also reviews recommendations regarding university-wide academic policy that emanate from the office of the Provost, the Faculty Senate, the Student Senate, collegiate faculties, as well as from ad hoc committees appointed by the President or Provost. The Academic Council shall view its role primarily as an oversight body guiding and advising the university with regard to academic policy.
Membership of the Academic Council consists of the following: The Provost (chair); two members from each college and from the library: the college and library deans; one faculty member from each college and the library elected for a staggered three-year term; two undergraduate students: the president of the student body and the president of the Student Senate; president of the graduate student government; Faculty Senate President, Vice-Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, Vice- Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Vice-Provost for International Affairs. Non-voting are: President-elect of the Faculty Senate; Dean of Student Life; president of the Staff Senate; and Extension Senate chair.
CBBS representatives include:
Robert Sinclair (2014)

Robert Sinclair (2014)
Mark McKnew (2011)
John Leininger (2011)