College of Business and Behavioral Science

College Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee shall consist of one faculty representative from each of the following: Accountancy; Aerospace Studies; Economics; Finance; Graphic Communications; Legal Studies; Management; Marketing; Military Science; Political Science; Psychology; and Sociology. Members shall be elected by the faculties of each department by April 1 of each year, to serve from May 1 of the year elected until April 30 of the following year. In addition, the curriculum committee shall select two non-voting student representatives, one of whom shall be an undergraduate student and the other a graduate student.
The 2011-12 Curriculum Committee is represented by the following CBBS faculty:

Accountancy: Carl Hollingsworth
Academic Advising: Sandy Edge; Ed DeIulio
Aerospace: LTC Michael Giebner
Economics: Michael Jerzmanowski
Finance: Angela Morgan
Graphic Communications: Nona Woolbright
Management: Kristin Scott
Military Science: MAJ William Matheny
Marketing: Danny Weathers
Political Science: Laura Olson
Psychology: Fred Switzer
Sociology and Anthropology: Mike Coggeshall