College of Business and Behavioral Science

Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council shall consist of one representative elected by the faculty of each of the following: Accountancy; Aerospace Studies; Economics; Finance; Graphic Communications; Legal Studies; Management; Marketing; the MBA Council; Military Science; Political Science; Psychology; and Sociology. Members shall be elected by April 1 of each year, to serve from May 1 of the year elected until April 30 of the following year. 
The 2011-12 Faculty Advisory Council is represented by the following CBBS faculty:

Accountancy: Jeffrey McMillan
Aerospace: Lt Col Giebner
Economics: Bill Dougan
Finance: Tom Springer
Graphic Communications: John Leininger
Management: Jason Thatcher
MBA: Larry Fredendall
Military Science: LTC Craig Wells
Marketing: John Mittelstaedt
Political Science: Bruce Ransom
Psychology: June Pilcher
Sociology and Anthropology: Ellen Granberg