College of Business and Behavioral Science

University Research Grant Committee

Consists of two faculty representatives elected for three-year terms by the faculty of each college plus one member elected for a three-year term from the library. The chair is elected annually by the committee. This committee receives applications for grants in support of research from faculty members in all departments of the university. Eligible faculty are those with tenure, tenure-track, or emeritus faculty status. Only one submission per person is allowed. Faculty who have received a URGC grant within the previous two years are not eligible. The committee makes grants to new faculty members initiating research and to faculty members initiating research in a new area or in areas where other sources of support are inadequate or nonexistent. Priority is given to new faculty (5 years or less at Clemson). Grant applications may be obtained from the Office of Sponsored Programs. Applications are solicited annually through announcements on the World Wide Web.
CBBS representatives include:
Tom Zagenczyk (2016)
Brenda Vander Mey (2016)

Brenda Vander Mey (2012)
Jason Thatcher (2014)
Brenda Vander Mey (2012)
June Pilcher (2011)
Brenda Vander Mey (2009)
June Pilcher (2011)