College of Business and Behavioral Science

College Promotion and Tenure Committee

The College Tenure Promotion and Reappointment Advisory Committee (hereafter referred to as “the Committee”) shall consist solely of one tenured full professor from each department in the College, subject to the following conditions:

  • 2.1. Neither department chairs nor the chairs of departmental TPR committees may serve on the Committee.
  • 2.2. If no tenured full professor is available to serve from a department, a tenured associate professor may serve on the Committee. 
  • 2.3. Members on the Committee may serve simultaneously on their departmental TPR committees but may not chair the departmental committees.
  • 2.4. The Committee will elect its own chair, who will serve a one-year term in that capacity

Each department will establish its own procedures for selecting an eligible faculty member to serve on the Committee.  The Committee members will serve non-consecutive, staggered two-year terms.
The 2011-12 College Promotion and Tenure Committee is represented by the following CBBS faculty:

Accountancy: Tom Dickens (2 yrs)
Economics: Tom Mroz (1 yr)
Finance: John Alexander (1 yr)
Graphic Communications: John Leininger (1yr)
Management: Varun Grover (2 yrs)
Marketing: Bill Kilbourne (2 yrs)
Political Science: Laura Olson (2 yrs)
Psychology: June Pilcher (2 yrs)
Sociology and Anthropology: Catherine Mobley (1 yr)