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Faculty and Staff Profile

Brandon Lockhart

Assistant Professor of Finance

Office: 421 Sirrine Hall
Phone: 864.656.1135
Fax: 864.656.4892

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Finance
University of Florida 2009

B.S. Management
Georgia Institute of Technology 1998

 Courses Taught

Analysis and Use of Derivatives
Corporate Finance


Brandon Lockhart joined the Clemson faculty in 2013 as an assistant professor of finance. He received a B.S. in management with certificates in economics and finance from Georgia Tech in 1998, and a Ph.D. in finance from the University of Florida in 2009. Professor Lockhart was previously an assistant professor of finance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2009-2013), and prior to academia, he worked in Georgia as a relationship manager and analyst in commercial banking (1999-2004). Professor Lockhart has received awards for his research and teaching activities.

 Research Interests

Empirical Corporate Finance

 Research Publications

"Shareholder returns from supplying trade credit," with Matthew D. Hill and G. Wayne Kelly, Financial Management, Volume 41, Issue 1 (Spring 2012), pp. 255-280.

"The effectiveness and valuation of political tax minimization," with Matthew D. Hill, Thomas R. Kubick, and Huishan Wan, Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 37, Issue 8 (August 2013), pp. 2836–2849.

"Determinants and effects of corporate lobbying," with Matthew D. Hill, G. Wayne Kelly, and Robert Van Ness, Financial Management, Volume 42, Issue 4 (Winter 2013), pp. 931-957.

"Downstream value of upstream finance," with Matthew D. Hill and G. Wayne Kelly, Financial Review, Volume 48, Issue 4 (November 2013), pp. 691-723.

"Credit lines and leverage adjustments," Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 25 (April 2014), pp. 274-288.

"Do external labor market incentives motivate CEOs to adopt more aggressive corporate tax reporting preferences?" with Thomas R. Kubick, Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 36 (February 2016), pp. 255-277.

"Proximity to the SEC and stock price crash risk," with Thomas R. Kubick, Financial Management, forthcoming.


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