College of Business and Behavioral Science

CBBS Alumni

Alumni are encouraged to reconnect by becoming involved in the Tiger Ties Initiative, which ties CBBS alumni to each other through our network and creates a lifelong tie between the college and our alumni. Tiger Ties also symbolizes our students’ transitions from the classroom into their careers in the “suit and tie” professional world.

CBBS relies on our network of students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry partners and friends of the college to create these ties that foster volunteerism, intellectual exchange and growth. Tiger Ties offers several ways for alumni and friends to engage with the college and our current student body:

CBBS Events. A number of events are held on-campus and across the nation each semester. Alumni are encouraged to attend these events and to learn more about the changes within the college.

The Tiger Ties Mentorship Program connects our undergraduates with graduates who are successful experienced professionals. Students benefit from the exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise shared by our mentors. Learn more about the Tiger Ties Mentorship Program.

Share Leads and Opportunities. Alumni play a key role in helping our students find internship and career leads. Through participating in our internship leads database or one of our departmental industry events, alumni can promote their businesses while recruiting top Clemson students.

Become a Leader in the Classroom. Alumni can participate in speaking engagements to students and groups through the college’s Leaders in the Classroom program. Contact the college’s  Student Professional Development Office for details.

Alumni Panels. These prove to be a popular venue for students to ask questions about life after graduation. Students enjoy listening to alumni give a real-world perspective of what they can do with their major.

Recruit Potential Students. Every year in the spring, the Clemson Family recruits potential Clemson students by hosting or attending high school receptions and/or writing letters to top students encouraging them to come to Clemson University.

Much of what we accomplish in our lives is because of the relationships we build. Please contact Kelly Cloyd for further information about the Tiger Ties Initiative.