Air Force ROTC Detachment 770


If you are an alumnus of Detachment 770, Clemson University, please let us know! We would like to maintain a comprehensive history of our Detachment’s alumni as well as provide a communication tool that will bring together a community of past, present and future Clemson University Air Force Officers. For the cadets, it serves as an excellent chance to see how many Clemson alumni are currently serving in the Air Force and allows for possible mentorship for certain career fields. For the alumni, it serves as a chance to see how your fellow Detachment 770 alumni are doing, what career paths they have chosen, and where they are currently assigned.

Please Follow the Two Steps Below:

1.) Have You Registered as an Alumni in the Clemson database?

Registering as alumni within Clemson’s database allows for fellow classmates and other alumni to view your present day status. This database also offers you the opportunity to search for long lost friends by many different search methods.

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2.) Alumni Information Form

Please take a few moments to complete the Alumni Information Form below and let us know about your career and relevant information you may want to share with us. We are also putting together an Alumni Directory. If you would like your information added to the directory, just check the appropriate box on the form. You may also use this form if you want to update your information at any time. The directory will be published on a yearly basis and will be available to you upon request.

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Become Active

We offer several opportunities throughout the year, for past and current officers, to talk and share their experience and what they do in the Air Force. If you would like to get involved with our detachment and talk to our cadets during Leadership Lab and/or special events such as Military Ball, Dining In and POW/MIA day, please send us an e-mail.