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Internships provide the real world component to Clemson's Graphic Communications program and are essential to every student's career preparation. Most employers also view this as an investment in their own future as they preview upcoming talent and contribute to the development of prospective employees. Many companies have employed interns on a continuous basis as an inherent part of their human resources program. Some fill regular positions by using three interns a year, one each school term. Others use interns to carry out special projects. In all cases, it is important for the intern to do "real work" for the benefit of the employer.

All GC majors are required to do at least two internships in order to receive their degree, and many complete three. Students are encouraged to work in different geographic locations, process areas, and segments of the industry in order to gain a broad experience in the workplace. It is believed that the ultimate success of Clemson GC graduates is due to their overall knowledge of the industrial and business settings.

Internship Dates for the coming year
Clemson GC interns are available year-round. In upcoming semesters, the typical work periods are:
   • Spring Internships are a minimum of 15 weeks between January 6 to April 23, 2016
   • Summer Internships are a minimum of 12 weeks between May 11 to July 29, 2016
   • Fall Internships are a minimum of 15 weeks between August 17 to December 2, 2016

The upcoming Intern Employer Day is March 22, 2016
Online registration form now available
If you have immediate intern needs please contact:
Carol Jones, GC Internship Coordinator