Master of Business Administration

Better Yourself, Better Your World

Better Yourself

The world is a blank slate. Leave your imprint.

We’re seeking leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets who seek out challenges and have the passion and skills to resolve them. Leaders who put as much emphasis on integrity as innovation. Leaders who want to increase the bottom line and do the right thing. We’re in the business of helping individuals become global citizens. If you want to leave your imprint, call us. We’ll show you how. Clemson MBA. Better Yourself. Better Your World.

The Clemson Family is a global one, devoted to improving the world we all share. The MBA curriculum provides students with the background they will need to succeed in management, finance, and business administration, but we also understand that theory can only go so far. It is when theoretical concepts are combined with heart and soul and applied to solving real-world problems that big things happen. Clemson MBA students believe it is the duty of community leaders to give back and swear to uphold the Clemson MBA Oath.

Clemson students don’t just talk the talk — they engage and participate in a variety of programs and activities that put the positive influence of business leadership coupled with compassion into action. Students participate in a variety of volunteer activities to give back to the community, including tutoring GED-candidates at United Ministries, participating in TD Bank’s Random Acts of Kindness, cleaning up downtown Greenville by organizing a trash sweep of the Reedy River, creating and staffing the computer lab at Triune Mercy Center, and much more. Learn more about ways our students get involved and give back:

If you’re less concerned with what an MBA can do for you than what you can do with your MBA and would rather work on spreading good will than work on spreadsheets, call us or apply online today.