Master of Business Administration

Faculty and Staff

faculty and staff

When Clemson MBA students are asked what they like most about the Clemson MBA program, they say, “the faculty.” The faculty and staff exist to serve the needs of students and to ensure that the MBA program remains viable and competitive. Among our talented faculty you will find internationally recognized researchers, award-winning teachers and successful business leaders. Their expertise and guidance are invaluable assets to all Clemson MBA students.

MBA Council

The MBA Council is an elected group of MBA faculty who oversee the curriculum and help establish the policies of the MBA program. Council members are Judson Jahn (Law), Chris Kirby (Economics), John Mittelstaedt (Marketing), Russell Purvis (Management), Aleda Roth (Management), Wayne Stewart (Management), Jonathan Wiley (Finance) and Thomas Zagenczyk (Management). The MBA Council is chaired by Greg Pickett, Director, MBA Program and Associate Dean, CBBS.