Master of Business Administration

Staff Directory

Name Department Phone
Allen, Kristin Admissions Director 864-656-8173
Burka, Amy Marketing & Communications Coordinator, CBBS Greenville 864-656-8090
Carter, Alrinthea Student Services 864-656-8184
DePriest, Gail Director of Corporate Relations and Leadership Development 864-915-9900
Fuhst, Darlene Director of Marketing, CBBS Greenville 864-704-6472
Hooker, David Corporate Services Account Manager 864-656-5270
Klein, Matthew Director of Business Development
Layton, Jane Academic Program Director 864-656-8175
Monday, Jeremy Program Coordinator/Assistant Director of Operations for Greenville 864-986-9442
Parr, Linda Administrative Assistant, Student Services 864-656-3975
Patterson, Jamie Director of Student Experience 864-656-8183
Pickett, Greg Director, MBA Program and Associate Dean, CBBS 864-656-3975