Sociology and Anthropology


Advising student in Sociology and Anthropology at Clemson University

Graduates of our department are engaged in a wide array of pursuits. A major in sociology prepares students for positions in the non-profit, for-profit and government sector, as well as graduate training in a number of fields. Because of the variety of curricular tracks within our major, graduates pursue careers in areas ranging from law enforcement to social services to education. Ultimately, we aim to provide our students with a set of analytic and critical thinking skills that can be applied to broad range of potential careers. Here are some of the pursuits of students graduating from our department with a sociology major:

  • Sociology Ph.D. candidate, Stanford University
  • MSW student, University of South Carolina
  • Academic adviser, Embassy of the State of Kuwait
  • Volunteer coordinator, Black Star Development Projects NGO, Busua, Ghana
  • Coordinator for community life operations, Presbyterian College
  • Human resources recruiting coordinator
  • City Year Denver
  • Children’s Foster Care Review Board
  • Department of Social Services
  • Greenville County Sheriff’s Office
  • Teach for America

Many of the areas anthropologists study intersect with numerous career possibilities: e.g., forensics, international business and marketing, sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism, cross-cultural health and nutrition, artificial intelligence, cross-cultural communication styles, historic preservation and museum studies. Most anthropologically related positions come to those with an advanced degree, but even a minor in anthropology offers a new way of looking at human behavior. Here are just a few of the careers undertaken by anthropology minor graduates of this department:

  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • State Park ranger
  • Primate research lab assistant
  • Chamber of Commerce manager
  • Personnel management
  • State Highway Dept. archaeologist
  • International business translator
  • High school social studies teacher
  • Social science reference librarian
  • Halfway House supervisor
  • Early childhood interventionist
  • Forensic psychologist