College of Business and Behavioral Science

Leaders in the Classroom

Through the Leaders in the Classroom program, CBBS enhances student learning by inviting successful alumni, industry leaders and friends of the college to speak to students in a classroom setting.

This partnership is essential to broadening students' perspective through exposure to and active discussion with those whose knowledge and experiences can highlight the challenges and rewards facing graduates in their academic disciplines and in industry.

Leaders in the Classroom showcases the work being done by our faculty, alumni and corporate partners by promoting these speakers to internal and external constituencies. The program exemplifies the educational enrichment offered to CBBS students.

If you plan to host a speaker, please take a few moments to fill out the form below. Your speaker and/or event might be publicized in CBBS or Clemson University publications as well as featured in local and national media outlets, which brings positive promotion of the University, of the speaker and of individual CBBS faculty members and departments.

Enter your speaker’s information into the CBBS database, or you can search the database for a list of speakers.

For more information on the Leaders in the Classroom program, contact:

Debra Galinsky 
Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
College of Business and Behavioral Science
Clemson University
440 Sirrine Hall
Clemson, SC 29634