College of Business and Behavioral Science


Jennifer Siemens

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Office: Sirrine 247
Phone: 656-5284

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Marketing
University of Arkansas 2003

MBA Marketing
University of Arkansas 2000

BA Psychology
University of Arkansas 1998

 Courses Taught

Consumer Behavior (MBA and Undergraduate)
Global Branding
Principles of Marketing

 Research Interests

Consumption in computer-mediated environments, consumer responses to advertising, economic psychology, and marketing and public policy.

 Research Publications

Siemens, Jennifer Christie and Steven Kopp (2011), “The Influence of Internet Gambling Environments on Self-Control,” forthcoming at Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Pan, Yue and Jennifer Christie Siemens (2011), “The Differential Effects of Retail Density: An Investigation of Goods versus Service Settings,” Journal of Business Research, 64(2), 105 – 112.

Siemens, Jennifer Christie, Scott Smith, Dan Fisher and Thomas Jensen (2008), “Product Experience versus Professional Expertise: An Investigation of Congruency between an Endorser’s Chosen Profession and the Endorsed Product,” Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 16(3), 159-168.

Siemens, Jennifer Christie (2007), “When Consumption Benefits Precede Payment: An Investigation of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Transactions,” Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 20(5), 521-531.

Siemens, Jennifer Christie, Scot Burton and Thomas Jensen (2005), “An Examination of the Relationship Between Research Productivity in Prestigious Business Journals and Popular Press Business School Rankings?,” Journal of Business Research, 58(4), 467-476.

Christie, Jennifer, Dan Fisher, John C. Kozup, Scott Smith, Scot Burton, and Elizabeth H. Creyer (2001), “All You Can Drink! An Experimental Assessment of Effects of Bar Promotions on Attitudes, Patronage Intentions, and Consumption Expectations,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 20(2), 240-253.