College of Business and Behavioral Science


Peter Gianiodis

Assistant Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Office: 131B
Phone: 864-656-7343

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Management
University of Georgia 2007

MBA Management
Queens University of Charlotte 2001

BA Political Science
Dickinson College 1993

 Courses Taught

MGT 415 - Business Strategy

MGT 315 - New Venture Creation

MBA 875 - Enterprise Development

MBA 870 - Strategic Management

 Research Publications

Gianiodis, P.T., Ellis, S.C., & Secchi, E. (2010) “Advancing a typology of open innovation strategies”, International Journal of Innovation Management, 14:4 531-572.

Markman, G.D., Gianiodis, P.T., and Buchholtz, A. K. (2009) “Factor market rivalry”, Academy of Management Review, 34:3 423-441.
Reprinted in: G. Markman & P. Phan (eds.) Market Entry, Competitive Dynamics and Entrepreneurship, Cambridge, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Markman, G.D., Gianiodis, P.T., and Phan, H.P. (2009) “Supply-side innovation and technology commercialization”. Journal of Management Studies, 46: 625-649.

Ettlie, J.E., and Gianiodis, P.T. (2009). “BBVA Bank (A): Innovation initiatives 2003-2008”.

Markman, G.D., Gianiodis, P.T., and Phan, H.P. (2008) “Fulltime faculty or part-time entrepreneurs”, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 55: 29-36.