College of Business and Behavioral Science


Patrick Warren

Assistant Professor

Office: 201 Sirrine
Phone: 8646564340
Personal Website:

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Economics
MIT 2008

BArSc Philosophy, Math, and Rhetoric
University of South Carolina 2001

 Courses Taught

Honors Principals of Microeconomics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Graduate Public Choice

 Research Interests

Political economy and the economics of organizations.

 Research Publications

"Allies and Adversaries: The Roles of Appointees in Administrative Policymaking in a Separation of Powers" Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. (August, 2012).

"Third Party Auditors and Electoral Accountability" Journal of Public Economics}. (Jan.- Feb., 2012)

"Volunteer Militaries, The Draft, and Support for War" Economics and Politics} (Accepted, 2012)

"Partisan Governors and Economic Policy" with Per Fredrikkson and Le Wang.Southern Economic Journal (forthcoming, 2013)

"Regulatory Fog: The Informational Origins of Regulatory Persistence" with Tom S. WilkeningAccepted, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (September, 2012)

"Will Governments Fix What Markets Cannot? Overconfidence and the Demand for Regulation" with Dan Wood Under Review (October, 2011)

"Sunshine as Disinfectant: The Effect of State Freedom of Information Act Laws on Public Corruption" with Adriana Cordis Under Review (June, 2012)

"Contracting Officer Workload, Endogenously Incomplete Contracting, and Contractual Terms: Theory and Evidence" Under Review (June, 2012)