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Career Coaching

Etiquette Dinner

Corporate recruiters often say that students are lacking “soft skills” upon college graduation and entrance to the professional arena. To assist students with developing the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, OSE offers one-on-one career coaching, including advice on resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, internship searching, creating successful networks and more.

Make an Appointment with a Career Coach

A career coach is available to meet one-on-one with all CBBS majors to assist in any career preparation needed. To schedule an appointment, call the Office of Student Enrichment at 864-656-2478 or e-mail

Dress for Success

Dressing appropriately for the workplace, interview or any professional event can greatly affect the initial desired outcome of landing a job, making a great connection or winning a client over. Too often, college students are unaware that wardrobe often makes the first and lasting impression when meeting someone. It’s imperative to dress the part and look professional at all times — you never know who’s around the corner waiting to make a great offer! Below are helpful tips related to dressing for success.


There are multiple facets to interviewing and often interviewing can become overwhelming and make for one nervous candidate. The Office of Student Enrichment wants to ease the nerves of candidates and assist in preparing CBBS students for the best interview possible. Potential interviewers should be aware of all aspects related to an interview — before, during and after. Click below for excerpts from the OSE Career Guide focused on interviewing.

Job/Internship Search

Searching for a full-time job or internship is no easy task! It’s almost a full-time job in itself and who has time for that? Online sources aren’t the only way to find the next great opportunity and should not be the only means for discovering work-related opportunities. Discover strategic, innovative ways to conduct a job or internship search by meeting with an OSE career coach or attending a Horizons Professional Development workshop.


The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) states in their 2011 Student Survey Report that 89 percent of college students use networking in the job search and that about 86 percent of those students found networking “useful” as a way to find a job. Whether utilizing friends, family, faculty/staff or alumni as contacts, networking has proven to be one of the best ways to learn about job opportunities. Networking takes practice, utilizing strategic techniques to find just what is needed. Tips below can assist in the networking process.

Resume Writing

Traditionally, a resume is the first opportunity for an employer to learn about a candidate. Experts predict that a resume is reviewed by a recruiter, on average, for only six seconds. Knowing what recruiters are looking for in a resume is key to anyone applying for jobs/internships. Use the tips below to improve resume-writing skills or contact an OSE career coach to assist in a resume review.