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Dual Degree Programs

Students studying economics, have the opportunity to earn a second degree through one of Clemson’s partner institutions. Currently, Clemson has a partnership with Université catholique de Louvain as part of the Transatlantic Exchange in Economics (TREE) program. This partnerships allow students to graduate not only with two undergraduate degrees, but with an enhanced understanding of the market forces, cultural differences and social systems shaping the future development of regional, national and global economies. Students will study abroad for two to three semesters and graduate in four years.

Transatlantic Exchange in Economics (TREE)


The Transatlantic Exchange in Economics (TREE) is a dual degree program with Clemson and the Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. UCL is rated among the top universities in the world and maintains EQUIS accreditation.

Clemson students spend two to three semesters at UCL in Belgium and earn a bachelor’s in economics. Preparation for this program in economics, mathematics and the French language is essential, as the coursework is challenging, and, while in Belgium, the language of instruction is French!

The rewards from the cultural and intellectual experience in the TREE program more than compensate for the investment in learning a second language. On completion of four years of study, students will have earned a bachelor’s degree from both Clemson and Université catholique de Louvain, while being given an incomparable international experience.

Read more about TREE, featured in an August 2009 Newsweek article, “The New Way to Study Abroad.”

For additional information, download the TREE brochure:

TREE contact:
Dr. Raymond Sauer
Economics Department Chair