College of Business and Behavioral Science

Developing a Global Mindset

CBBS has taken many different approaches to fulfill its goal of graduating students who are internationally competent and responsible. In order to compete with an increased international focus, CBBS has introduced a new globalization effort for students. The new CBBS Global Passport Initiative centers on the lively international community right here on Clemson’s campus.

The CBBS Global Passport initiative is designed to educate students on global issues, plan the best way to fully incorporate international components into a degree plan and create a well-rounded global perspective. This is also a way to give back to the international community surrounding Clemson, by getting students interested and involved in cultural events closer to home. In creation and promotion of this program, CBBS encourages international dialogue while giving back to the community, just as the charter for the University states. Students should use the “passport” supplied by OSE as a guide to develop individualized global mindsets. To obtain a passport and enroll in the program, stop by the Office of Student Enrichment, 374 Sirrine Hall.

Global Passport Initiative

The CBBS Passport Program is designed to inform students of all international programs and activities available as a CBBS student, and to help plan the best way to fully incorporate these events into your Clemson degree. Use the passport program, and the opportunities it offers, as a guide to develop a global mindset. Below are the programs and initiatives that students can participate in that will earn passport stamps.

Personal Passport: If a student has received a CBBS passport and already has a US passport, bring both passports in to receive the first (and most important) stamp!

Semester Abroad and Summer International Programs: In addition to studying during the regular semester, CBBS students have the opportunity to study with CBBS faculty or approved faculty on summer programs around the world. Click here to see the many opportunities available for CBBS students.

Foreign Language: While studying a foreign language is not a requirement, it is highly encouraged for professionals in every field to study a different language, allowing individuals to do business and interact with many different people and corporations. Bring the OSE your transcript to verify language skills. Each course taken will earn a stamp in your passport. Click here to find out more information about Clemson’s Foreign Language Department.

Internship or Co-Op with a Multinational Firm: CBBS students are strongly encouraged to complete an internship during their studies. Since South Carolina is the second state in the nation with the largest number of international companies within its borders, why not intern with a multinational firm? Please find out more from the Office of Student Enrichment or the Michelin Career Center.

Campus Activities: The CBBS passport contains 18 blank spaces for students to participate in activities around campus. Students can complete these more than once and still receive a stamp. If an event/activity is not listed that a student thinks fulfills the goals of the passport program, consult with OSE to determine if the program and/or service opportunity is a suitable match. Below are just a few campus activities that qualify for a stamp in a CBBS passport.

  • Clemson Language Intensive Program (CLIP)
  • Cultural Partner Program
  • Globalization Seminars
  • ILEAD!
  • International Awareness Week
  • International Coffee and Tea Hour
  • International Education Week
  • Language and International Trade Conference
  • Member of International Club (click here for a list of Clemson student clubs)
  • Study Abroad Fair
  • Thomas F. Chapman Scholars Program
  • CLIMB Program