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The mission of the CBBS Tiger Ties Mentorship Program is to provide students with a real-world opportunity to explore and discover professional goals while guided by successful and talented Clemson graduates. These interactions promote engagement, career and professional development, and a successful transition from backpack to briefcase.

Student participants gain a head start on creating professional networks that extend beyond University borders while also benefiting from the exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise shared by mentors. The mentoring relationship is a partnership and mentors benefit as much as mentees do. Mentors are able to give back to their alma mater by helping a student who is experiencing what they experienced as a collegiate.

Matching for one-on-one mentor/mentee relationships is accomplished by an online software system developed specifically for the Tiger Ties Program. The program uses a web-assisted software tool that provides resources needed for a successful mentoring experience. The unique match formula pairs mentees and mentors who have the right skills and competencies to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

For Mentees (Students):

Tiger Ties MentorsAs a mentee, a student can expect their mentor to assist in their growth as students begin to develop their career vision. Mentors provide professional development and networking opportunities that enable students’ progression from classroom to boardroom, giving students experience outside the classroom to learn about the existent workforce. A mentor should become a mentee’s close confidant, available to assist a student with any resource, advice, etc., related to career decisions and professional leadership.

Student participants must minimally meet the following standards:

  • Be a currently enrolled student at Clemson University within CBBS
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in having a mentor’s guidance regarding career/professional development

For Mentors (CBBS Graduates):

CBBS graduates are able to give back to their alma mater by being a mentor to an eager CBBS student. Mentors guide CBBS students in matters related to professional development, career advising, and real-world challenges based on their personal expertise and experience. This provides a unique and valuable opportunity for students to gain skills, knowledge and expertise from someone with first-hand knowledge.

Mentor participants must minimally meet the following standards:

  • Be a CBBS Clemson University graduate
  • Have more than 7 years professional experience
  • Have affiliation with at least 1 professional/community organizations and be willing to incorporate mentee into business aspects of profession and organization
  • Demonstrate a strong interest in helping a CBBS student with career/professional development

Expectations of Participants

There are general expectations that all Tiger Ties mentoring pairs will be expected to honor. The expectations below are minimum expectations that should be accomplished in order to assure a more successful relationship.
  • Meet no less than once per month, face-to-face (if possible). In between in-person meetings, communicate on a regular basis (phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Set goals, continuing to modify as needed
  • Attend Tiger Ties orientation (one time only) and semester receptions and events
  • Attend business meetings, social and/or philanthropic events together and allow for days to shadow mentor (when applicable)
  • Complete evaluations as requested by Tiger Ties personnel

Kick start your mentoring relationship - GPS for Your Career Journey

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