College of Business and Behavioral Science

Internship Information for Employers

CBBS students are encouraged to do at least one internship during their Clemson academic experience.

Keys to Successful Internships

  • Internships should be meaningful and productive both for the employer/organization and for the student.
  • Projects that give the student some degree of independence will allow the student’s use of initiative.
  • The intern’s immediate supervisor will have a significant impact on the success of the internship.
  • Developing a short job description will enhance the internship’s success.


  • Paid internships are typically paid at a commensurate rate that a full-time employee of similar skills and responsibilities are paid.
  • Internships can be full time or part time.
  • Internships can be in spring, summer and fall or just one of these timeframes

College of Business and Behavioral Science Majors

Financial Management
Graphic Communications
Political Science


Steps to establish an internship relationship with CBBS

  1. Evaluate your needs and determine what area the internship will be focused. (i.e., accounting, finance, research)
  2. Determine the type of project or work the intern will perform. CBBS interns can assist with a variety of projects (e.g., developing a product marketing plan, performing cost analysis, doing research for a business/organization, initiating key statistical data for company, etc.)
  3. Contact the College of Business and Behavioral Science Director of Office of Student Enrichment Renee Hebert at
 864-656-0198 or
  4. For on-campus recruiting, contact the Michelin Career Center at 864-656-6000 or for more information.
The Michelin Career Center also has career fairs in the spring and fall. Clemson University welcomes your organization’s participation in these career fairs.