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International Programs

Students today live globally and CBBS believes in students developing a global mindset. We want students to graduate as global citizens, ready to rise to the opportunities and challenges faced by the worldwide community. In addition to curriculum language requirements, we encourage students to go global — to visit some of the foreign places important to understanding different cultures, societies, economies and business practices. Students can choose to study abroad in places such as China, Peru, Germany and Serbia, take part in a double degree program, or attend international events on campus, in order to become citizens of the world.

For more information on international programs and initiatives, see Where Can I Study or contact International Programs, at 864-656-2478 or                                                                

Rosetta StoneBefore you go abroad, pick up a new language with Rosetta Stone!  The Office of Student Enrichment offers Rosetta Stone FREE to CBBS majors.  Space is limited and parameters are in place to ensure students are maximizing this opportunity; to sign up, complete the sign-up form.