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Courses with Gerontology Content

Department of Agricultural Education

AG ED 4030
AG ED 4400/6400

Principles of Adult/Extension Education
Program Development in Adult/Extension Education

School of Architecture

ARCH 4850/6850
ARCH 4880/6880

Health Care Facilities Systems
Health Care Facilities Programming Techniques

Department of Biological Sciences

Creative Inquiry

Aging: A Programmed or Environmental Stress Induced Process?

Community and Rural Development


Introduction to Health-Care Economics

Department of Public Health Sciences

HLTH 2030
HLTH 4300/6300

Overview of Health Care Systems
Health Promotion of the Aged

School of Nursing

NURS 3130
NURS 3180
NURS 3230
NURS 3180
NURS 3330
NURS 8090
NURS 8220
NURS 8820

Computer Applications in Health Care
Health Assessment Through the Lifespan
Multidisciplinary Approach to End-of-Life Care
Gerontology Nursing
End of Life
Healthcare Genetics
Adv Pathophysiology
Frail Elderly

Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism Management

PRTM 4160

Leisure and Aging

Department of Psychology

PSYCH 3400
PSYCH 3450

Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Adulthood and Aging

Department of Sociology

SOC (R S) 4710
SOC 481/6810

Aging and Death