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Clinical Learning Center

Senior Simulation
Before graduation, student nurses take part in Senior Simulation, an experience in which students are tested on their nursing abilities through a series of patient care scenarios in the school’s Clinical Learning and Research Center at Edwards Hall, which replicates a state-of-the-art hospital setting. View Slide Show

Clemson School of Nursing has a 5,000 square foot center with the latest technology, equipment and supplies for clinical nursing practice. In the Clinical Learning Center, Clemson Nursing Students have an opportunity to practice critical thinking, clinical decision-making, communication, and hands-on skills in a safe, non-threatening simulated clinical environment.

Using high fidelity human patient simulators, students are able to assess and identify patient problems, analyze patient data, intervene, and evaluate patient outcomes in a variety of case-based scenarios. This practice allows student to feel more confident in common patient situations as well as high risk, low frequency patient situations.

The Clinical Learning Center has adult, pediatric, newborn, and birthing manikins. The facility has three simulated hospital rooms, each equipped with five hospital beds, patient monitors, surface tablets, manikins, medication dispensing machines, intravenous pumps, and other hospital equipment.

Each room has video cameras for video recording and live streaming. Three smaller conference rooms allow for video viewing and debriefing. A large multi-purpose room is available for instructional use for such activities as cultural competency simulations, virtual IV training, and Lamaze classes.

Preparing nursing students to enter the healthcare arena is the goal of the nursing program. The Clinical Learning Center, by providing a variety of quality practice opportunities, enhances students’ clinical performance.