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Outdoor Lab Staff and Contact Information

Leslie ConradLeslie Conrad

Title: Director
Phone: 864-646-7502, ext. 225
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Michael's Mooring 
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Quote: "Everyday at camp is my new favorite day." 
About: Leslie directs all areas of the Outdoor Lab from conference and retreat center to summer camps and everything in between. She desires to provide all guests of the Outdoor Lab with wonderful memories of their time spent here.

Chris EganChris Egan

Title: Associate Director
Phone: 864-646-7502, ext. 236
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Kingfisher Landing 
Favorite Food: New York Strip Steak
Favorite Quote: "I’m going to be here til forever, so just call when you’re around."
About: Chris helps facilitate all creative ventures at the Outdoor Lab. From camps to conference center he enjoys adding his creative touch to every aspect of our beautiful site.

Norman McGeeNorman McGee
Title: Assistant Academic Program Director
Phone: 864-646-7502
Hometown: Savannah, GA
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Michael's Mooring.
Favorite Food: Boiled Peanuts
Favorite Quote: "People may doubt what you say but they will always believe what you do."
About: Norman is the Program Advisor and Special Programs director. He enjoys spending time outdoors whenever he has the chance.

Janay WhiteselJanay Whitesel
Title: Reservations Coordinator
Phone: 864-646-7502, ext. 221
Hometown: Seneca, SC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Bowfin
Favorite Pastime: Spend time with her "little ones" at home
Favorite Music: New Kids on the Block
Favorite Food: A great slice of pizza
Favorite Quote: "Live, Laugh, Love"
About: Janay organizes reservations for all events and lodging at the Retreat Center at the Lab, and is also the Registrar for Camp Lions Den and Camp Odyssey. Originally from New York, she traded the cold for the South and has spent most of her life in Seneca, SC.

Bruce KeslerBruce Kesler
Title: Property Superintendent
Phone: 864-646-5895
Hometown: Seneca, SC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Any of the trails in the woods
Favorite Pastime: Woodworking & Gardening
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Quote: "It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities."
About: As Property Superintendent, Bruce is in charge of everything that happens "from gate to lake" on the grounds, including setup for group events and preparing cabins for lodging guests.

Kevin FowlerKevin Fowler
Title: Trades Specialist
Phone: 864-646-5895
Hometown: Liberty, SC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: On the docks
Favorite Pastimes: Family, Church, Hunting, Fishing
Favorite Food: Steak with gravy and fried fish
About: As a Trades Specialist, Kevin is quite literally the "jack of all trades," dealing with much of the preparation, cleanup, and maintenance that the Lab requires.

David MilnerDavid Milner
Title: Trades Specialist
Phone: 864-646-5895
Hometown: Jackson, MS
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Beaver Dam Trail
Favorite Pastimes: Backpacking, Hunting, Spending time with his son
Favorite Food: Fried Catfish
About: At the Lab, David is part of the Properties and Facilities team; he takes care of all of the maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning needs of the grounds, and his favorite spot at the Lab is Beaver Dam Trail.

Pam Garrett
Title: Carolina Catering
Phone: 864-646-7502, ext. 227
Hometown: Simpsonville, SC
Favorite Spot at the Outdoor Lab: Hopa Cabana; Eagle's Nest
Favorite Pastime: Cooking & Traveling
Favorite Food: Fried Cube Steak & Salmon Patties
Favorite Quote: "Be forward thinking."
About: Pam is the owner of Carolina Catering, and partners with the Outdoor Lab to provide food service for all camps and group events.


For all inquiries about the Outdoor Lab services and reservation information, please contact us in any of the following ways.

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