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Professional Development

MACTS Students in the SMLC

We are committed to providing our graduate students with opportunities for academic and professional development. The program provides a variety of opportunities to engage in scholarly, personal and professional development activities outside the classroom, including participation in colloquia offered by communication scholars, professional workshops, internships, applied projects and study abroad. We also encourage our graduate students to become active members of academic and professional associations, and meet our alums. Getting involved in such activities while at Clemson will give you new experiences and build your personal, professional and scholarly contacts.

Here is Roth Smith, a current MACTS student, talking about his experience with professional development at the 2013 Clemson Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium:

Other recent personal and professional development opportunities have included:

  • Live television broadcasts from the Social Media Listening Center.
  • Virtual conference with digital marketing experts from San Francisco.
  • Resume-writing workshop.
  • Branding yourself in social media workshop.
  • Meeting with members of the Centers for Disease Control Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication Team.
  • Meeting experts from Erwin Penland Advertising.
  • Job interviewing workshop.
  • Attending the National Communication Association meeting.
  • Field trips to organizations in Greenville, South Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; and Anderson, South Carolina.
  • Internships in fundraising, digital marketing social media strategy.

For more information about the program, please see the links on the left or email Dr. Scott, director of graduate studies, with “MACTS” in the subject heading.