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Professional Development

MACTS Students in the SMLC

Clemson is committed to providing our graduate students with opportunities for academic and professional development through our Grad360 program. MACTS also provides a variety of opportunities to engage in professional development activities outside the classroom, including:

  • Events with visiting industry professionals
  • Internships
  • Applied projects and service learning
  • Live television broadcasts from the Social Media Listening Center
  • Participation in scholarly colloquia
  • Study abroad
  • Participating in academic and professional associations
  • Engaging with our growing alumni network
  • Presenting at conferences solo and with faculty
  • Publishing in academic journals

Here is Roth Smith, during his time as a MACTS student, talking about his experience with professional development at the Clemson Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium.


For more information about the program, please see the links at the left or email Dr. Scott, Director of Graduate Studies, with “MACTS” in the subject heading.

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