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Alumni Update Form

Graduation day.
We are truly fortunate to have such a distinguished and supportive group of alumni! Members of the Department of Communication family live across the country and have distinguished themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

We hope that you will consider adding your name and contact information to our alumni database through the Alumni Update Form. Our current students and faculty often use this list to find people to contact if they have questions about trends in the profession, desired qualifications for graduates in a particular area and other things important to our mission as a department. The most important support that you can provide as an alumnus of our program is to simply keep in touch!

Last, we hope that when you return to Clemson University for a visit, you plan to also visit the Department of Communication. Although many of the faces have changed, you will find that we are still the same warm group of faculty and students that you remember from your time as a student. When you plan your visit to Clemson University, please let us know! We welcome opportunities to have you speak in our classes or join a group of faculty and students for lunch. We hope to see you soon!

Alumni Update Form

We hope this form provides our alumni with the opportunity to remain connected with the Department of Communication. We hope this will provide valuable networking opportunities for current communication students. We ask that you complete and submit the form so our alumni records are accurate and current. Thank you for your participation. Go Tigers!



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