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Leadership Certificate

The College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences, the College of Education and the Clemson University Division of Student Affairs offer a variety of leadership development opportunities for students. Together we have designed a leadership certificate program for those students interested in enhancing their university careers with a specialized leadership component.

Complementing all University degree programs and majors, the leadership certificate program adds value to any academic program or career. In an effort to provide a comprehensive leadership educational experience, we provide a learning environment that includes both classroom activities and practical field experience. This allows students to reflect and then act on what they have learned about leadership behavior.
Utilizing the small learning space format, this leadership program introduces the student to basic components of leadership. The program curriculum focuses on the what, how and why of leadership. HEHD 4000 – 6000 Introduction to Leadership Theories and Concepts explores “what” is leadership. Practicing personal and collaborative leadership skills is the “how” of leadership found in HEHD 4100 – 6100 Leadership Behavior & Civic Engagement. Finally, HEHD 4200 – 6200 Leadership Application & Experience explores the “why” of leadership and provides the reason for collective action.

While designed for junior and senior level students, participants are allowed to enter the program at any point in their undergraduate or graduate careers. After successfully completing the leadership certificate program, students receive special recognition on their diplomas and a “certificate of achievement” they can take with them after graduation.

Students are required to complete the following three interdisciplinary courses:

Total Hours 9

For more information about the leadership certificate program, please contact Bill Havice, Professor of Educational Leadership at (864) 656-7644 or Kate Radford in the Student Leadership and Community Engagement at (864) 656-2535.

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More Information

Kate McCulley Radford, M.Ed.
Associate Director for Student Leadership & Community Engagement
Campus Activities & Events
Division of Student Affairs
P: (864) 656-2535

Bill Havice, Ph.D., DTE
Professor, Educational Leadership (EOLD)
College of Education
P: (864) 656-7644