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Leadership Theories and Concepts

HEHD 4000 – 6000 (3 credit hours)  - The “What” of Leadership

Leadership Theories at Clemson UniversityThe purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to introduce students to the "nature" of leadership. Students will gain a broad understanding of the history and origins of leadership, theoretical approaches to leadership, and the essence of contemporary leadership. As students master the fundamentals of the concepts, they will be encouraged to test their ability to apply these concepts to their own life experiences.

The student will:

  • Develop an understanding of the field of leadership, its supporting theories, and complexities of the leadership process
  • Recognize the importance leadership plays in groups, organizations, communities and societies
  • Understand and distinguish between the historical views of leadership and the contemporary, post-industrial leadership paradigm
  • Comprehend and integrate leadership studies themes including creating change, collaborative leadership and civic leadership
  • Complete the visioning process utilizing a foundation of leadership theory and a method of introspection, peer review and personal reflection
  • Recognize and effectively utilize different leadership styles and identify ways to most effectively utilize one’s own preferred style
  • Relate out-of-class experiences to educational goals and personal leadership goals
  • Understand and analyze the role of the organization as it relates to leadership practices within organizations
  • Be provided opportunities and methods for effective reflection.


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Kate McCulley Radford, M.Ed.
Associate Director for Student Leadership and Community Engagement
Campus Activities and Events
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Bill Havice, Ph.D., DTE
Professor, Educational Leadership (EOLD)
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