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In 1992, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program began enrollment through Clemson University's Graduate School. Over the years, the program and university as a whole have grown, with Clemson ranking among the nation's top public universities, according to U.S. News & World Report. Smart Money magazine also ranks Clemson seventh as one of the best returns for educational investment.

The Clemson MPA program moved to an interactive online format in 2009 and today calls the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences (CBSHS) its academic home. The online format has given students greater professional and personal flexibility while still allowing students to have a face-to-face learning experience and participate in group activities. The online format has provided the Clemson MPA program with the opportunity to grow from a regional onsite program, to a national program.

The majority of students in the program are working public administrators or nonprofit professionals. The professional expertise of students and faculty in local government, state agencies, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations is a critical component to the education experience. The program has a diverse mix of students who contribute to an engaging and collaborative learning environment. Coupled with outstanding professional and academic experience of our faculty, the Clemson MPA program is an outstanding value.



The Power of Your MPA

Four Ways to Highlight the Value of Your Degree

Clemson University Master of Public Administration Online DegreeRegardless if you are a midcareer professional or interested in finding a new and meaningful career, do not forget to use the power of your master of public administration (MPA) degree to achieve your professional goals. During the process of earning your MPA, you have acquired the knowledge and skills pertinent to working in the public or private sector. Also, your efforts as an MPA graduate illustrate your commitment to self-improvement. Now it is your responsibility to build professional momentum and spell out what you can offer to any employer. Here are four ways to highlight the value of your degree. » Read More

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