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Global Health Certificate Intent to Enroll Form

Dear Student:
We are excited that you are exploring the global health certificate program! This program is unique in the respect that it is available to undergraduate students and it has a specific focus on low resource countries. In order for us to determine if your educational goals are aligned with the objectives of the program, we would like to know about you. We are looking forward to getting acquainted. Please answer the following questions which will be forwarded directly to our program coordinator, Roxanne Amerson. She will review your information and contact you about an appointment to further discuss entry into the program. Thank you, and we look forward to a great year.

Roxanne Amerson, Ph.D., RN, CNE, CTN-A
Director of the Global Health Certificate Program
Clemson University, School of Nursing

Question 1:

What is your current student status at Clemson? (For example, Freshman first semester, Sophomore second semester)

Question 2:

What is your current major at Clemson University? Do you intend to remain in this program until graduation? If not, what major will you be transferring to?

Question 3:

Tell us a little about your reasons for wanting to pursue a global health certificate program and how it will benefit your career goals when you graduate from Clemson.

Question 4:

Tell us about any international experiences you have participated in during the last few years.

Question 5:

Have you taken any foreign language courses? (It is not required, but it is beneficial.)

Question 6:

What is your current cumulative grade point average? How do you plan to manage the additional workload of a certificate program?

Question 7:

Who is your advisor here at Clemson? Have you spoken with your advisor about this program? If so, what was his or her advice?

Please provide your name:

Necessary Links Contacts

Roxanne Amerson, PhD
Associate Professor
Director of Global Health Certificate Program
(864) 720-2082

Tracy Fasolino, PhD
Associate Professor
(864) 888-7158

Lisa Miller, PhD
Senior Lecturer
(864) 656-3268

Academic Advising
Valerie White Oonk
Academic Advisor
(864) 656-2651