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Accelerated B.S. to M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers an accelerated B.S. to M.S. option to highly qualified undergraduate students in the Health Sciences major. Under this plan, students can reduce the time necessary to earn the B.S. in Health Science and the M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation by applying up to 12 graduate credit hours to both the undergraduate and graduate program requirements.  

How does this program work?

Students enrolled in this plan begin taking graduate courses to satisfy the health electives and guided requirements of the undergraduate curriculum their senior year.  Once they have completed the undergraduate requirements, students graduate with a B.S. in Health Science.  They continue fulfilling the graduate requirements post-graduation, ensuring a total of 150 credits are earned for both degrees.  Once completed, students graduate with an M.S. in Applied Health Research and Evaluation.  The total anticipated time frame for the B.S. to M.S. program is 5 years or less (depending upon Advanced Placement and transfer credits).  

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for high-achieving students who are interested in an advanced degree in health research.  This is particularly beneficial for students who intend to take a “gap year” between undergraduate and graduate or professional school and those who wish to minimize the tuition costs of earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Am I eligible?

To be considered for the combined BS/MS program, students must complete the GS6 bachelor to graduate form. Eligible students must have completed the bachelor’s curriculum through the junior year (minimum 90 credits) and have a minimum grade-point average of 3.4.  Information and application forms are available from the Graduate School.  

For More Information

Rebecca Coffey Moses
Graduate Student Services Coordinator
Department of Public Health Sciences
Clemson University
503 RC Edwards Hall
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